Everyone wants to be remembered, but more than that, everyone wants to be seen. Today we are more public than ever, more visible, but harder to truly see. The moments we choose to show are packaged and polished, and these are the ones that reveal the least. Rachel Demy strives to break past the contrived, which is why her photography is largely portraiture. Portland bred and Seattle based, she got her first camera at age 7 and started filtering the world through its lens. And so began a lifelong obsession with what she found there. Touring with artists like The National, Richard Swift, Death Cab for Cutie, St. Vincent, and more, trained her eye to find the in-between moments, where her innate ability to make her subjects comfortable produced honest photos. Her goal is to give people photos where, instead of analyzing their appearance, they see a photo that reflects who they are as a complete person. Her desire is to really see people and show beauty beyond curation. This is where she does her work; in the oft-missed substance beyond the pose.

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2018 - #photographforprogress - Leica Gallery • Bellevue, WA
2017 - Artists For Progress: The Art of the Steal (cur. Jennifer Ament) • Piranha Shop • Seattle, WA
2017 - Firmament: The Women of The Fold • Ghost Gallery • Seattle, WA
2017 - Artists For Progress (cur. Jennifer Ament) • Piranha Shop • Seattle, WA